The Beginning Singer’s Workshop

The ONLY live singing class designed to help you know where to start as a beginning singer (or parent of a singer), answer your questions on singing, lessons and courses and empower the feeling of confidence in singing and yourself.

Enrollment is limited to 5 students so each one of y'all gets individual attention 😃

The Beginning Singer’s Workshop
1st and 3rd Saturdays at 5:15pm  on Zoom

"After the Saturday class I knew I would enjoy learning from Chris, his enthusiasm is very infectious and what he told us during the class made perfect logical sense. Gave me the belief I could learn to sing. .”

  Stephanie A. 

"The class was fun, comfortable and encouraging! "

Rachael L.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What?! Do I have to sing?!

First off, no. So take a deep breath. We're going to apply all of the techniques I may cover on Saturday to your speaking voice. It's all good.

What if I can’t make the Saturday time?

Send me an email (click here) or text (click here)  with your questions, I’ll answer them during the workshop and send you a link to the recording :)

What is the Singer's Workshop?

The Beginning Singer’s Workshop is a group class where you will get to know the very first thing you'll want to learn to get your first song down, see performances from other singers in the studio, ask Chris questions about singing, meet other beginning or experienced singers like yourself and sing for a supportive group before jumping into performing, auditioning, group singing, etc. The structure of the class will remain flexible, however if no one has particular questions that day or song to sing through that day, we'll work through the "Where to Start as a Beginning Singer" blueprint.

Create More Community Among Singers


I've had a lot of students that aren't so much interested in performing, but are more interested in singing with a group. If you want to find other people to sing with, it can be pretty tough! Unless you're enrolled in a school of some sort, there often aren't opportunities to sing as a group. The Singer's Workshop is a place where you have a chance to meet some singers to get to know and sing with. This is a safe place where you can participate more as you feel comfortable. If you come to the Singer's Workshop and don't sing a single note, you will still learn new things that can help you with singing (many techniques can be practiced at the workshop and applied at home without actually singing).

A Chance to See REAL Beginners Sing

"I WANT to perform, but don't want to have to go to a karaoke bar or have a formal recital."

Many students I've worked with would love to perform, but often times it's pretty complicated: You have to get mic/sound system supplies, you may only be allowed to sing your own original songs, you don't know the vibe of the venue and the expectations, there are all kinds of barriers. With the Singer's Workshop, you can just play the track and practice your performance in front of a group of singers that have your back, that know what it's like to sing and believe in you.

A Chance to Learn from Others

I'm very lucky that I have heard many many different singers for many different backgrounds. So I have a sense of what "good breathing technique" sounds like. For many of my students though, they often only hear it in their own voice or in mine, so it's nice to hear technique changes in another person voice. Often you end up understanding your own voice better. 

What age group is this for?

This class is specifically for adults 18 on up. Teens must be accompanied by a parent AND the parent has to take the class too.

Am I too old to sing?

You are never too old to sing and in fact I find singers in my studio in the 40's-80's actually get the best results because they know what it takes to put real, committed practice in. 😃

"This class helped take away the fear of performing .”

Shelly  P.


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The Beginning Singer’s Workshop
1st and 3rd Saturdays at 5:15pm  on Zoom

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I went from "tone deaf" to top-tier performance groups. I help shower-only singers go from "can't sing" to carpool-karaoke-ready. Sign up for the intro class, it's free.


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