What if Singing Could Feel Better as You Get Better?

Si W. 

Before I met Chris I was skeptical that I could even become a better singer...Lessons done in this way have been incredibly fun!

Chris Abdo 

Local Austin Voice Teacher


Develop Confidence, Power & Freedom in Your Voice, Without the Strain &  Boring Repetition

When singing isn't so fun...

 You want to sing better, but your efforts don't work.

You want to develop your singing, but notice tension, self-criticism, or no change in your singing at all when you do typical vocal exercises. You can be doing the "right" exercises and yet somehow nothing seems to shift or change. It can be really tough to commit to practice, when you don't seem to be going anywhere at all...or things feel worse! Or you can feel like you're practicing harder and harder, and the more you try, the harder it gets.

I've been there, and after many years of working with teachers from all over the world, studying how movement works, how learning works and applying those things to the very unique process of learning how to sing, its become clear that the exercises you do, don't really matter very much...that's its how you do the exercises and the awareness of what's moving and how its feeling that makes practice not only more effective, but more enjoyable right away.

So in the Feel Better, Sing Better class, you'll get to skip years of ineffective practice following the conventional routes and instead begin feel better within your singing and about your singing, as you get better at singing.

One of the most common myths with singing, is that once you are sounding better, you will feel better about your singing and singing will feel better.

In reality...
I've had first-time students that sound great in their singing already, but feel strain in their singing.
I've worked with experienced singers that feel terrible about their singing despite sounding great.
I've worked with singers that don't sound "good" and yet feel amazing about their singing.
I've worked with singers that sound great in their singing but singing feels uncomfortable and they lose their voice quickly.
I've worked with singers the feel better about their singing, actually feel physically better as they are singing and sounding better as they go.

So in reality, you can have nearly all combinations. Most singers fall into the trap, of trying to sound better first, so they can feel better about their singing and THEN maybe singing feels good to do physically as well.

This reminds me of being in a "rush" to get a better-looking body, so that you can feel better about your body, so that you can tolerate the awfulness that is typical exercise.

What if movement felt so good, that you prioritized enjoying your body, then ended up exercising more, in a way that doesn't burn your body out, so that you end up feeling better about your body and then the outside slowly catches up with all the goodness inside?

You start feeling better in your singing, but as soon as you're in front of people, all confidence and trust in your voice vanishes.

You can know exactly what to do in your singing, be feeling great in your song, but then you have karaoke night, or a recital, or even just try to sing with/for a friend...and suddenly you may visit performance anxiety town and all the nerves take over the process! So many vocal exercises/teachers/techniques out there seem to leave out the emotional vulnerability inherent in singing in front of others (and even sometimes by yourself/with yourself).

So many YouTube videos on singing, courses, etc. act as if singing is just like playing the piano or any other musical instrument, that your voice isn't impacted by your emotions and feeling and its simply a mechanical set of levers the performs the exact same way under all circumstances.

The trouble is, your voice is ALIVE! If we don't feel our emotions around expressing ourselves fully, then not only do we not know how to keep that performance anxiety from hijacking our performance, but we also close ourselves off from fully emoting and expressing the song! Which is part of the point of singing...to feel...yeah?

So in the Feel Better, Sing Better Class, we'll not only work with our voice, but also work with the background emotions that come with singing, both as a creative act solo, as a way of expressing yourself to/with others and how to make room for your feelings around singing in such a way that help you feel better, as in, feel your feelings more clearly and respond to them in a more helpful way. In the Feel Better Sing Better class, you'll feel out your emotional comfort zone when it comes to singing with or for others, so you can develop the confidence...(which comes from the trust, curiosity, courage, self-knowing and experiences you'll develop in the class) to sing, for yourself, for others, for life.

You get more comfortable in lessons, but when you practice on your own, it feels a lot harder.

One of the common things that can happen when working with a teacher, is that you develop ease, confidence and enjoyment when in the lessons...but when you're on your own, most of that seems to vanish! Maybe self-criticism kicks in, or you find yourself rushing through exercises, not sensing what you were sensing before. It seems like a big leap to go from working with a teacher, who is guiding each step of the way, and then being totally on your own.

With the Feel Better, Sing Better class, you'll get access to the replays of each class, so that when you practice "on your own" you won't be totally on your own, yet you'll be able to stop and start as needed. If you are taking voice lessons, you can even subscribe to just getting the replays, so that you get an extra 3 hours (or even more if you repeat favorite classes) in without having to totally think through every step on your own.

What Students Are Saying...

Stephanie A.  

Sports Writer

Gave me the belief I could learn to sing. .”

"After the Saturday class I knew I would enjoy learning from Chris, his enthusiasm is very infectious and what he told us during the class made perfect logical sense. Gave me the belief I could learn to sing. .”

Jeanine W. PHD


I have taken voice 5 or 6 times in the past, and he is by far the best teacher I have ever had

“I cannot recommend Chris highly enough. I have taken voice 5 or 6 times in the past, and he is by far the best teacher I have ever had. He is clearly extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and is a natural teacher. Excellent at putting you at ease, he first gets to know your voice and your musical preferences, and tailors his teaching to what is best for you individually.

Cara Mia

 After years of singing...I've never been so excited!

Chris is an absolute gem! After years of singing in a chorus, musical theatre, and creating my own music - I’ve never been so excited to work with a vocal coach. Chris provides you with a safe space to truly explore every odd and wonderful facet of your voice. Whether I want to work on expanding my range or trying out an alt rock sound, he helps guide me through vocal explorations to make those changes. Cannot say enough great things about his energy and kindness. An absolute joy to work with!

What's the Feel Better, Sing Better Class? 

So what's this Feel Better, Sing Better class? How does it work?

Feel Better, Sing Better class is both an in-person at the SynergisticSinging studio and online group class happening on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month at 3pm, with recordings accessible after each class so if you can't make the time you can work with the replay You'll be able to join in person, or online, or practice with the class recordings, its super accessible and easy. If you'd like to learn more, fill in your info and questions below, or if you're ready to join right now, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Do I have to sing in front of everyone?

Short answer: No. The Feel Better, Sing Better class is designed to take you exactly as you are when it comes to singing. That means you can do most/all the explorations and exercises in the class, in-person without having to sing in front of anyone. Through what seems like magic (but really, its not magic, you'll see), you'll be able to work with the performance nerves of singing without totally throwing your heart on the line straight away.

But wait! there's more! You also have the option to join online, where you can mute your mic and sing your heart out, and no one will hear you. So no matter where your comfort zone is, there's a place for you in this class, to both get cozy, and take the singing leap.

What if I can't make that time?

All attendees with all subscription options will get access to the replays, so that if you can't make a class, you can work with the class on your own time.

If I'm already taking lessons, should I do this class in addition to lessons?

That depends. If you're already taking voice lessons, and singing for you is not about singing with others or performing... I'd recommend doing the Replay Subscription for all students. This will give you guided practice you can work with on your own between lessons, and will take both the guesswork out of practice, but also improve how you go about learning new skills that better matches the latest neuroscience on how the brain learns optimally.

If you're already taking voice lessons with me, and you want a step towards singing with/for others, or to help shift how you go about responding to performance nerves, then I'd recommend taking the Feel Better, Sing Better class in-person. Its the intermediate step between singing with a trusted teacher and performing on stage/with friends etc.

If you're taking voice lessons with a different teacher, I'd recommend taking this class in any of its forms. This class is so different from what you'd get in conventional voice lessons that its highly unlikely you'll be doing anything like what you do in typical voice lessons.

Why Singers Recommend The Feel Better, Sing Better Class 

Jennifer R.

Medical Professional

I’m just a casual singer..haven’t been especially regular about scheduling lessons ...even so, I hear/feel improvement!

Chris is an amazing teacher with a very special skill set. Since starting lessons in June, I’ve come to understand my voice better and am hopeful that with continued work, I can become a better, stronger singer and build my confidence further. Chris communicates very openly and I feel very comfortable with him. As such, I am able to let down my guard, which allows our lessons to be fruitful and productive. He gets to know not only my voice, but my obstacles (for example, to practicing) and tailors exercises to me and my current level. It is clear that he finds challenges interesting and is a natural problem solver. I’m just a casual singer, and haven’t been especially regular about scheduling lessons (average of every three weeks, due to my work schedule); even so, I hear/feel improvement. Highly recommended! I wish I could send all my friends to see Chris!

Daniel T

College Professor

Working with Chris, every aspect of my singing has improved tremendously.

Working with Chris, every aspect of my singing has improved tremendously- quality of sound, pitch accuracy, my ear, breathing, musicianship. Chris is not only very knowledgeable, he is super patient and friendly. I highly recommend him.

Trina G.

News Writer

I’ve seen a lot of music teachers (mine and my kids’) and he is truly amazing.

Chris is not your average music teacher. He has a real gift for teaching and an obvious calling to help people find their voice. It’s not his “day job.” During every lesson he is attentive, inspiring and supportive. And it seems like he knows what motivational issue I am having before I do. I’ve seen a lot of music teachers (mine and my kids’) and he is truly amazing.

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What Students Are Saying...

Si W. 

Dell Product Manager

Before I met Chris I was skeptical that I could even become a better singer.

After a couple months of taking lessons with Chris, I can honestly say that I have noticed significant improvement in my singing...


Research Librarian

An adventure in personal discovery and development.

“Working with Chris is and adventure in personal discovery and development. As a retired research librarian I had to asky myself why.

Jordan G 

I'm already seeing improvement in voice and piano after two months.

Chris is an awesome teacher! He is super kind and super funny. I have no previous experience, and with only two months of lessons I already see significant improvement in my voice/piano skills! Definitely recommend doing both piano and vocal lessons simultaneously. Come to Chris, I promise you won’t regret it!

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