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Chris is wonderful with my daughter. I presented him with a list of issues she was having, and he had a structured lesson tailored to her needs ready the very first lesson. He has a way of making students feel comfortable from the very first lesson. I would highly recommend him!!

Rachel M.

 Located in Northwest Austin and Online 

The Synergistic Studio is located in northwest Austin by the 183 and Anderson Mill intersection. It’s right next to the Austin Aquarium.   Is that too far away for you? I also teach in downtown Austin and offer drive-to-you options for some services. Contact me now to learn more 512-814-8932 or email me chris@synergisticsinging.com

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By Far the Best Voice Teacher I Have Ever Had 

“I cannot recommend Chris highly enough. I have taken voice 5 or 6 times in the past, and he is by far the best teacher I have ever had. He is clearly extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and is a natural teacher. Excellent at putting you at ease, he first gets to know your voice and your musical preferences, and tailors his teaching to what is best for you individually. His explanations, suggestions, and exercises are all clear and helpful. He also has a sense of humor, and knows how to make each lesson enjoyable and fun. I can’t think of anything I would change, and I feel fortunate to have him as a teacher. “

Jeanine W. 


What does it help to know about me before the first lesson?

Some first timers don’t share anything before their first lesson. This is totally fine. If you want to share more though, please do! A few starting points would be to send in your story with singing so far, what your wish is for your singing and any obstacles you’ve run into along the way. You can also optionally send in an audio recording. Lastly, what's bringing you to singing and lessons?

How do I get started with the first lesson? Do we communicate in some way first or do I just sign up?

You can sign up right away, email or text any questions you might have or (most common) sign up and ask questions before your first lesson.

What age range do you teach?

The minimum age for voice lessons in my studio is 11, piano is 8 and there is no upper age limit! 

I'm 150 years old, am I too old to learn how to sing? 

You are never too old to sing! In my experience, singing from ages 20 on up remains about the same as far as challenge level goes. A lot of people believe that age has a much stronger factor in singing than it actually does. In fact in the singing world it's commonly believed that a singers really reaches their vocal "peak" in their 30s. I don't have studies to back this up though, but my experience makes it seem plausible. The more essential types of influences I've seen with my singing students are tension habits, breathing habits and body awareness, among other things. Age is fairly far down the list. As an example a beginning singer in her 70's with good breathing and vocal habits may have an easier time than a beginning singer in her teens who tends to hold tension in areas that interfere with singing. 

I'm a complete beginner. My goal is to learn how to carry a tune or two and possibly have a new hobby to work on. I have no idea what my range is or what I'm suppose to do as a singer. Am I too much of a novice for your line of work?

You're definitely not too much of a novice to take voice lessons! You don't need any background in music or singing whatsoever, in fact absolute beginners are some of my favorite students to teach 🙂 There are a lot of myths from lack of scientific information (among some other things) when it comes to singing, so I try to clear this up in some of my youtube videos, blogs, and Quora answers.

Do you teach how to read music? 

I do! I teach both how to read music for singing (also known as Sight-Singing) and how to read music for playing your sung notes on the piano. 

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