Hi, I'm Chris,

 I help older beginners make fun, fast piano progress. 

"Comfortable from the Very First Lesson


Comfortable from the very first lesson...

“Chris is wonderful with my daughter. I presented him with a list of issues she was having, and he had a structured lesson tailored to her needs ready the very first lesson. He has a way of making students feel comfortable from the very first lesson. I would highly recommend him!!

Rachel B. 

Fast Piano Progress for Older Beginners

No Background in Music? Doesn't Matter...

You'll learn ALL of your music in your lesson each week, so when you go home, you'll enjoy playing what you've already learned. 

You'll Learn a Year's Worth of Piano Lessons in 8 Months...

Using methods that focus on real-life piano skills vs. conceptual knowledge,  you'll get through a 12-month set of books in only 8 months! 

Love to Sing? You'll Be Able to Accompany Yourself!

If you're a singer wanting to sing the right notes, or wanting to have an easier time singing with a band, choir, or even accompany yourself, piano lessons are designed with singers in mind! 

I'm already seeing significant improvements in voice AND piano!

Chris is an awesome teacher! He is super kind and super funny. I have no previous experience, and with only two months of lessons I already see significant improvement in my voice/piano skills! Definitely recommend doing both piano and vocal lessons simultaneously. Come to Chris, I promise you won’t regret it!

Jordan G 

Piano Lessons Designed with Beginners in Mind...

If You've Never Had Lessons Before...

You'll be able to start from scratch, learning a couple simple songs within just a couple lessons! As a self-taught piano player that later took lessons and classes in college, I saw the disparity between how I naturally learned piano, and how it was taught. So in piano lessons, you'll skip the long lecture on jargon and get right o playing. As you build up your skills, concepts will make so much more sense because you've already played songs where you can see the concepts in action.

If You're Not Sure You'll Actually Practice Enough to Make Progress...

Piano lessons with Chris are designed to get you A TON of practice within the lesson. So you don't practice at home, you PLAY!  

If You Are Self-Taught or  You've Taken a Few Lessons Before...

You'll find a refreshing hybrid of independence and guidance within lessons.  Having been self-taught and later taken piano lessons and college classes, Chris saw the benefits and drawbacks of self-taught piano...and lessons/classes. Assembling the best of both worlds, piano lessons with Chris create the right balance of independence and guidance so that you progress faster and more enjoyably in your piano playing than you would on your own or with typical piano lessons.


Write Your First Piano Melody in 10min or Less  If you know nothing, or almost

Write Your First Melody in 10min or Less

My Story with Piano... My first keyboard was a hand-me-down keyboard from the 80's that

My Story with Piano…

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"Positive & Wonderfully Encouraging"


Lynne R.  

Medical Industry 

I've had 3  instructors and the others don't even come close to Chris,

Chris is very positive, wonderfully encouraging, truly-genuinely loves music, and sharing his skills with others so they can enjoy music! I've had 3 instructors and the others don't even come close to Chris, his techniques, his depth of knowledge, and kindness. He is technically proficient which expands his abilities to provide lessons even from a distance. He's the best!!

 Piano Lessons Are For You If...

Synergistic Piano Lessons Are Designed to Get Fast, Fun Progress, Accompany Yourself Singing, or Get Ready to Play with Others.

You Are an Older Beginner...

Piano lessons at SynergisticSinging are designed with older beginners in mind. 

You're Just Starting Piano...

Piano Lessons are designed for beginners with less than a year of piano experience. 

Love to Sing? You'll Be Able to Accompany Yourself!

If you have more experience with piano, but you've never tried to integrate your playing with singing or accompany other singers, than piano lessons at the SynergisticSinging studio are for you! 

The Synergistic Studio is Located Online & in Austin 

By 620 and Anderson Mill

Instead of car, I wanted a piano...my piano story.

My first keyboard was hand-me-down keyboard from the 80's that my brother had given me after he lost interest in piano. As a misfit 13 year old who had just moved to Texas from another country, I found myself with long stretches of time, sitting on the couch, playing random notes on the keyboard. When I joined choir, I found ways to connect what I learned in choir to the piano...and little by little, I wore out that tiny keyboard as I slowly taught myself how to play simple melodies.

Piano became a place, an escape, to express feelings I didn't really have words to express. Little by little, I started playing chords and went from passively listening to a song I loved, to being totally immersed in the sensory experience of playing the song...where you hear and notice things you never noticed before about your favorite songs. 

I loved piano because it gave me a deep sense of connection to my feelings and a way to relate to others that wasn't so steeped in competitiveness, putting up fronts. If I took out piano from the story of my life, I would also have to take out my deepest friendships...and my way forward to becoming my authentic self. 

With such a deep passion for music that showed up in my love for singing and piano, you'd think I  would have LOVED piano lessons...oh no, not at all...

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Catharine S.  

News Photographer 

Attentive, inspiring and supportive! 

Chris is not your average music teacher. He has a real gift for teaching and an obvious calling to help people. It’s not his “day job.” During every lesson he is attentive, inspiring and supportive. And it seems like he knows what motivational issue I am having before I do. I’ve seen a lot of music teachers (mine and my kids’) and he is truly amazing.

Text or ? Chris @ 512-814-8932 

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