Phrase Break Down

Let's Break Down a Phrase!

In this video, you’re going to practice deep listening to other singers!

We’ll take one phrase from two different singers and look at how they use their unique singing style in each case.
In this video, you’ll pause at certain points to observe everything you can about how that singer is styling the particular phrase.


Step 1: Watch part of the video, sample phrase with first singer. 


Step 2: Write down what you notice about how that singer sings the phrase.


Step 3: Watch the next part of the video and listen to the second singer.


Step 4: Write down what you notice about how that 2nd singer sings the phrase. 


Step 5: Watch the rest of the video and see the phrase breakdown.


Bonus Points: Submit any two singers you’d like me to break down a phrase for! You can also include a specific phrase if you wish 🙂