The Three Note Scale Female Voice

Let's Get to Know the Three Note Exercise

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G3-A4 Three Note Exercise
The G3-A4 range covers one of the most common vocal comfort zone for women. This is a great one for beginning singers or for practicing low notes. Sing this on the "Ah" vowel, then experiment with other vowels and volumes as mentioned in the Find Your Range guide.

The E3-E4 Three Note Exercise

The E3-E4 range covers one of the other most common vocal comfort zone for women. If the first one felt too high, you might find this one to be closer to your comfort zone.
The C4-C5 Three Note Exercise

The C4-C5 range is a great starting point for transitioning to head voice/falsetto and expanding your range, but remember to never force or push your voice. This often presents the first learning curve for transitioning to head voice if your habit as a singer is to sing more into chest voice.
The C4-E5 Three Note Exercise

For female singers working on higher head voice notes, this is often the range (unless your voice already sits higher) that presents the first big learning curve in your technique... be really patient with this one and the following ones below if that's the case (usually is for most singers).
The C4-G5 Three Note Exercise

This one is great for moving into head voice as a full-range stretch.
The C4-C6 Three Note Exercise

This exercise is here for you if you end up working on a song with a super high range.