Praise Team and Choir Vocal Coaching with Chris 

Vocal Coaching for Praise Teams and Church Choirs for Churches and Places of Worship in the Austin, Tx Area


Hi, I'm Chris 

Hi, I'm Chris 

 Having started with no natural talent for singing, I had to grow each singing skill I now have from the ground up. I’m excited to help each singer in your praise team find their voice and grow as a singer and collaborative musician, even they’re are starting from scratch.

Group & 1-on-1 Voice Lessons with Chris

for Praise Teams & Choirs 

Chris has helped multiple churches and choirs take their abilities to next level. With experience as a worship leader and elite collegiate level choir member, Chris knows what it takes to sing as a cohesive team, from contemporary christian to classic hymnals.

I wasn’t sure if lessons would make a difference…

“I can’t speak highly enough of Chris. He has far exceeded my expectations as a vocal coach. Before I met Chris I was skeptical that I could even become a better singer. I wasn’t sure if lessons would even make a difference. After a couple months of taking
lessons with Chris...

Si Win 

With Chris I feel I am finally going somewhere better with my voice...

I have been a musician and singer all my life but have had some trouble understanding the theories behind correct singing and their practical applications. I have always known I needed help with certain aspects of my singing, but I didn't even know how to explain what I needed help with in a way that made sense. With Chris I feel I am finally going somewhere better with my voice and my
understanding of what singing is.

Annie D. 

Praise Team Singer 

I Have Gone Into Rehearsals Feeling Much More Confident Than I Used To…

I would recommend Chris for singers of all levels of experience. He has helped me work on opera and musical theater pieces, and I have gained a much greater appreciation for the difference between dark and bright sounds. Chris has helped me work on rehearsal pieces and I have gone into rehearsals feeling much more confident than I used to.

Glenn R. 

Churches and Places of Worship Are Getting the Personalized Vocal Help They Need with Chris

Praise Team and Choir Singers Know The Best Keys for Their Voice for Each Song

In classes and lessons with Chris, praise team members can map out their vocal range and connect that to the songs they are singing, so they can focus on giving praise instead of dreading that song that sits too high or low.

Singers are Finding They Can Sing More Consistently in Tune, On the Melody, Harmony and With the Band or Instrumentalists

Having started with no natural ability to sing in tune and having gone all the way to collegiate level singing, Chris knows exactly what it’s like and can walk any beginning singer through the process of getting precisely in-tune notes.

With the Welcoming and Encouraging Training that Chris Provides, Shy Congregation Singers are Finding the Confidence to Be Part of the Praise Team

No matter where you’re starting from, Chris can meet you where you are at musically and vocally to build the vocal chops and courage you need to sing with the praise team or choir…and love it!

Get the Help You Need to Learn Each One of Your Songs and Sing Them Well, Even if You’re Nervous

Chris can help your team practice and learn all of your harmonies and melodies so you are not worried about knowing your part during the service

Singers Are Finding Easier High Notes, Both at Powerful and Soft Volumes  

With the Science-Backed, Student-Tested Exercises, Singers Are Finding Easier High Notes, Both Loud and Soft, So They Can Sing With Freedom and Power

Singers Now Can Sing Praises Without Losing Their Voice

Having Vocal Fatigue After Rehearsals or During the Service? Training with Chris Helps You Pinpoint What is Causing Vocal Strain & How to Work with Your Voice So You Can Sing Freely

Chris [at] synergisticsinging [dot] com
13552 US 183 STE A Austin, TX 78750  512-814-8932

How do Group Classes & 1-on-1 Lessons Work for Your Place of Worship?


Contact Chris 

Contact Chris with the times your team members would be available for classes and/or lessons, the location you’d like to meet in (usually the church rehearsal space) and the focus areas you’d like to cover.


A Custom Plan for Your Team 

Chris will create a custom plan with pricing and availability for your team based on your goals and needs.


Upward and Onward We Go! 

Chris [at] synergisticsinging [dot] com
13552 US 183 STE A Austin, TX 78750  512-814-8932

I’m so glad you’re here, and I can’t wait to work with your team to support your singers along their way.

Chris [at] synergisticsinging [dot] com
13552 US 183 STE A Austin, TX 78750  512-814-8932