Should You REALLY Sing the Way You Speak? Part 1
Should You REALLY Sing the Way You Speak? There are many techniques out there that promote the idea that you[...]
One Way to Build the Vocal Pitch Independence Skill (VPI)
One Way to Build the Vocal Pitch Independence Skill For beginning and intermediate singers (and even some very skilled singers[...]
Why It Can Be Harder for the Beginning Guy Singer and What To Do About it
Why It Can Be Harder for the Beginning Guy Singer and What to Do About It What a lot of beginning[...]
What To Do When You Can’t Control Your Singing Progress?
"Focus on Progress, Not Perfection"...But What Do You Do When You Can't Control Your Progress? A Snippet From: ​Progress Isn't Always in[...]
Wednesday in the Group Class: Breathing: Putting it All Together
New in the Group Class: Breathing: Putting it All TogetherIn this group class, we'll be covering what it feels like[...]
How to Practice Singing Consistently
How to Practice Consistently​It's Here! The Science-Backed Guide to Consistent Singing Practice, Tailor-Made for the Singer. I'm so excited to announce[...]
One Way to Get Unstuck in Your Singing: Focus on Movement, Not Sound
One Way to Get Unstuck in Your Singing: Focus on Movement, Not SoundDo you ever get frustrated in your singing[...]
Common Question: Why Can’t I Sing with Instrumentals?
What if you can sing in tune...until you try to sing with a karaoke track or instrumental track? Does that[...]
A Common Mistake Beginning Guy Singers Make
Unintentionally Singing an Octave Lower: A Common Mistake Beginning Guy Singers Will Make In this video we're going to be[...]
Are You Stuck With Your Voice?
Are you stuck with your voice? Nope! 🙂  Most people aren't at all aware of their vocal habits, or how[...]
Guys: Find Your Vocal Range (Pitch)
To know the right exercises to improve your singing, you have to know your voice, first. Here is one way[...]
Ladies: Find Your Vocal Range (Pitch)
Here is a quick guide to finding your vocal range (for women) if you don't have access to a piano.[...]
The Best Vocal Method EVER!
With so many singing methods, exercises, and techniques,  what is the best singing exercise/vocal method ever? It's the one that[...]
Why Can’t You “Just Relax” When You Sing?
I can't tell you how many times I heard something of the likes of "you're trying too hard" or "just[...]
Quora-ious Question: Can a Non-Singer Become a Halfway Decent Singer?
  If you've never checked out Quora, you're missing out. It's an excellent resource website where people can ask questions[...]
What is Good Singing?
What is good singing? Depending on what your focus is, good singing can be very easy to define, or impossible.[...]
The Perfect Piano App for iPhone
Piano apps are an essential tool, especially for beginning singers or singers that are learning about music theory, harmony, or ear training.[...]
The SynergisticSinging Studio Has Moved!
I'm so excited to announce that today will be the first day at the new physical location for my SynergisticSinging[...]
What No One Told You About Expanding Your Vocal Range
In this video we'll be covering what most beginning singers miss when they attempt to expand their vocal range. Here's[...]
Sing True App: A Quick Review
Today I'm reviewing the SingTrue App! What I love about this app is that it can give you instant feedback[...]
The Vocal Navigation Skill-Singing in Tune Series
In this video we'll be covering the Vocal Navigation Skill, which is a combination of the Listening and Vocal Coordination[...]
Singing in Tune Series How-To: The Listening Skill
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Singing In Tune Series How To: Vocal Coordination
Many would-be fantastic singers often become extremely frustrated in their attempts to sing in tune. Why is this? Often it's[...]
Singing in Tune Series: Hearing Your Own Voice
Singing in Tune Series: Test Your Tuning Skill
Part 2: How to Know You’re Making Progress in Singing and Life
If you didn't read the last post of this series, make sure to check that out and subscribe to get[...]
The Singing-in-Tune Series
My goal with the SynergisticSinging YouTube channel is to present how to go about singing from scratch, assuming you're an[...]
Sounding Good Doesn’t Equal Good Singing
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for a new video every month!   SINGING IN TUNE SERIES VIDEO #2: Sounding good does[...]
If You’re Tone Deaf, Can You Learn How to Sing?  
ALL-NEW SynergisticSinging Channel on YouTube!
Launching August 20th! I’m so excited to announce the BRAND NEW Synergistic Singing Channel on YouTube! Subscribers will receive a[...]
How to Know You’re Making Progress in Singing and Life
How do you know you're making progress as a singer or in any part of your life? You have to[...]
What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 7: Artistry!
Here is where the singer moves from repeating what they've heard and unconsciously learned,  to vocal artistry, where they imagine[...]
What Makes your Voice Unique Part 6: The Demands of the Genre
The demands of the genre you're singing in can dictate the variety of sounds you're allowed to use, this of[...]
What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 5: The Genres You’ve Heard and Imitated
The music you vocally imitate can be part of what makes your voice stand out as an artist. Gary Levox[...]
What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 4: Your Musical Skill Level
What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 4: Your Musical Skill Level Your musical skill level, and how much of it[...]
What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 3: Vocal Skill Level
Vocal Skill Level Your vocal skill level also influences how unique your voice may be, because if you learn how[...]
Thumbtack Interview: A Case Story
Thumbtack recently interviewed me here: and I was asked to give an example of a student that I really enjoyed[...]
What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 2: Your Vocal Habits
As I explained in my last article, genetics does play a (surprisingly small) role in your voice by determining, among[...]
What Makes a Voice Unique? Part 1
First Factor: Genetics (A Surprisingly Small Part) A lot of people really believe that genetics play a much bigger role[...]
Questions from the Quorious: How Do I Develop Vibrato?
There are many singers with absolutely fantastic technique that do not know how to have vibrato on a note. So[...]
How Long Does it Take To Get Better At Singing?
It takes about 10-60min to get better at singing in a voice lesson, AND it also takes about 6 months.[...]
Questions from Singers: How do have a more dynamic and entertaining performance?
Great question! There are many ways to create a more engaging performance, so today I'll just be focusing on the[...]
Six Quick Tips for Memorizing a Song When You’re Short on Time
1) Observe Record yourself singing or speaking through the lyrics without stopping (unless you've forgotten the rest of the song).[...]
Other Than Vocal Technique, What Else Can a Singer Do to Get Better?
Ear Training/Music Theory Ear training is a useful, often crucial, part of learning how to sing. Ear training enables you[...]
From the FAQ: What Exercises Have Made the Greatest Difference in Your Singing?
Many vocal exercises can give you great benefit, the questions that you need to answer before asking this question is:[...]
Why Can’t I Sing the Right Notes When I Sing with Karaoke?
Have you ever tried singing with a karaoke track, and realized you weren't sure if you were singing the right[...]
Knowing How “Good” Your Voice is? Pointless.
Compared to what you hear on average, how good of a singer am I? What a frequent question! It's a[...]
To Sing is to Learn Yourself
Singing is an act of getting to know yourself. To make a single sound, several sets of muscles work together[...]
Do I Sound Good?
I frequently get new students who come into lessons with the impression that after they sing for me, I will[...]
Daring to Sing
Imagine the last time you had a gut-wrenching cry, or a shout of excitement. What did it feel like physically[...]
Muscle Memory Part 2: You Can Speak English but Don’t Know How
Usually within the first few minutes of hearing some speaking to me, I already have an idea of what will[...]
Do You Ever Give Up On a Student?
Nope! I never give up on a student, unless they are not willing to do the practice to progress. As[...]
Muscle Memory Part One: Your Mind and Body’s Autocorrect
Muscle Memory is the brain/body's memorization of movements. When you speak throughout the day, you are practicing (i.e training your[...]
Talent Does Not Exist, Healthy Vocal Use Does!
Some people unconsciously use their voice in a healthy way, we call these people "talented". Great as short hand, but[...]
Vocal Artistry
Since the topic today is about vocal artistry, I thought you might enjoy a fantastic work of art created by Martin[...]
If You Knew How Easy…
I am amazed at how many high school students spend years in choir class, doing vocal competitions, musicals, etc. with[...]
Attend the Voice Workshop on September 15th!
I will be teaching a voice workshop for beginners! When? September 15th @ 3:00pm Where? 2200 N. Bell Avenue, Denton,[...]
Technique in Voice Lessons
Some teachers unconsciously teach technique, personal musical taste, rhythmic and pitch accuracy, and expression all in one unorganized amorphous blob. This is[...]
Spotlight on the Student: Kelsey
Kelsey Hughen is one of my students, and she has a lovely, mellifluous voice and is a keen student. Her[...]
How To Learn A Song
When learning a song, a lot of beginners tend to jump right in, singing words with pitches and rhythms, trying[...]
Hearing Your Own Voice
Why does my voice sound different on a recording than in my own head? When you speak or sing, you[...]
Fun Practice is Effective Practice
The principles below I found when I started reading "The Radiant Performer" by Wesley Balk. When I first started practicing[...]
How a Lesson Works: Vocal Technique
A voice lesson is not a performance. It is a lab where you conduct fun experiments. The performer presents 'the[...]
1-on-1 Voice Lessons: Group Participation not Required
I remember having a conversation with my sister-in-law who is a middle school history teacher. She has thirty eighth graders[...]