What To Do When You Can’t Control Your Singing Progress?
"Focus on Progress, Not Perfection"...But What Do You Do When You Can't Control Your Progress? A Snippet From: ​Progress Isn't Always in[...]
Wednesday in the Group Class: Breathing: Putting it All Together
New in the Group Class: Breathing: Putting it All TogetherIn this group class, we'll be covering what it feels like[...]
How to Practice Singing Consistently
How to Practice Consistently​It's Here! The Science-Backed Guide to Consistent Singing Practice, Tailor-Made for the Singer. I'm so excited to announce[...]
One Way to Get Unstuck in Your Singing: Focus on Movement, Not Sound
One Way to Get Unstuck in Your Singing: Focus on Movement, Not SoundDo you ever get frustrated in your singing[...]
Common Question: Why Can’t I Sing with Instrumentals?
What if you can sing in tune...until you try to sing with a karaoke track or instrumental track? Does that[...]
A Common Mistake Beginning Guy Singers Make
Unintentionally Singing an Octave Lower: A Common Mistake Beginning Guy Singers Will Make In this video we're going to be[...]
Are You Stuck With Your Voice?
Are you stuck with your voice? Nope! 🙂  Most people aren't at all aware of their vocal habits, or how[...]
Guys: Find Your Vocal Range (Pitch)
To know the right exercises to improve your singing, you have to know your voice, first. Here is one way[...]
Ladies: Find Your Vocal Range (Pitch)
Here is a quick guide to finding your vocal range (for women) if you don't have access to a piano.[...]
The Best Vocal Method EVER!
With so many singing methods, exercises, and techniques,  what is the best singing exercise/vocal method ever? It's the one that[...]
Why Can’t You “Just Relax” When You Sing?
I can't tell you how many times I heard something of the likes of "you're trying too hard" or "just[...]
Quora-ious Question: Can a Non-Singer Become a Halfway Decent Singer?
  If you've never checked out Quora, you're missing out. It's an excellent resource website where people can ask questions[...]
What is Good Singing?
What is good singing? Depending on what your focus is, good singing can be very easy to define, or impossible.[...]
The Perfect Piano App for iPhone
Piano apps are an essential tool, especially for beginning singers or singers that are learning about music theory, harmony, or ear training.[...]
The SynergisticSinging Studio Has Moved!
I'm so excited to announce that today will be the first day at the new physical location for my SynergisticSinging[...]
What No One Told You About Expanding Your Vocal Range
In this video we'll be covering what most beginning singers miss when they attempt to expand their vocal range. Here's[...]
Sing True App: A Quick Review
Today I'm reviewing the SingTrue App! What I love about this app is that it can give you instant feedback[...]
The Vocal Navigation Skill-Singing in Tune Series
In this video we'll be covering the Vocal Navigation Skill, which is a combination of the Listening and Vocal Coordination[...]
Singing in Tune Series How-To: The Listening Skill
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Singing In Tune Series How To: Vocal Coordination
Many would-be fantastic singers often become extremely frustrated in their attempts to sing in tune. Why is this? Often it's[...]
Singing in Tune Series: Hearing Your Own Voice
Singing in Tune Series: Test Your Tuning Skill
Part 2: How to Know You’re Making Progress in Singing and Life
If you didn't read the last post of this series, make sure to check that out and subscribe to get[...]
The Singing-in-Tune Series
My goal with the SynergisticSinging YouTube channel is to present how to go about singing from scratch, assuming you're an[...]
Sounding Good Doesn’t Equal Good Singing
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for a new video every month!   SINGING IN TUNE SERIES VIDEO #2: Sounding good does[...]
ALL-NEW SynergisticSinging Channel on YouTube!
Launching August 20th! I’m so excited to announce the BRAND NEW Synergistic Singing Channel on YouTube! Subscribers will receive a[...]
How to Know You’re Making Progress in Singing and Life
How do you know you're making progress as a singer or in any part of your life? You have to[...]
What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 7: Artistry!
Here is where the singer moves from repeating what they've heard and unconsciously learned,  to vocal artistry, where they imagine[...]
What Makes your Voice Unique Part 6: The Demands of the Genre
The demands of the genre you're singing in can dictate the variety of sounds you're allowed to use, this of[...]
What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 5: The Genres You’ve Heard and Imitated
The music you vocally imitate can be part of what makes your voice stand out as an artist. Gary Levox[...]
What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 4: Your Musical Skill Level
What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 4: Your Musical Skill Level Your musical skill level, and how much of it[...]
What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 3: Vocal Skill Level
Vocal Skill Level Your vocal skill level also influences how unique your voice may be, because if you learn how[...]
Thumbtack Interview: A Case Story
Thumbtack recently interviewed me here: http://www.thumbtack.com/spotlight/voice-teacher/ and I was asked to give an example of a student that I really enjoyed[...]
What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 2: Your Vocal Habits
As I explained in my last article, genetics does play a (surprisingly small) role in your voice by determining, among[...]
What Makes a Voice Unique? Part 1
First Factor: Genetics (A Surprisingly Small Part) A lot of people really believe that genetics play a much bigger role[...]
Questions from the Quorious: How Do I Develop Vibrato?
There are many singers with absolutely fantastic technique that do not know how to have vibrato on a note. So[...]
How Long Does it Take To Get Better At Singing?
It takes about 10-60min to get better at singing in a voice lesson, AND it also takes about 6 months.[...]
Questions from Singers: How do have a more dynamic and entertaining performance?
Great question! There are many ways to create a more engaging performance, so today I'll just be focusing on the[...]
Six Quick Tips for Memorizing a Song When You’re Short on Time
1) Observe Record yourself singing or speaking through the lyrics without stopping (unless you've forgotten the rest of the song).[...]
Other Than Vocal Technique, What Else Can a Singer Do to Get Better?
Ear Training/Music Theory Ear training is a useful, often crucial, part of learning how to sing. Ear training enables you[...]
From the FAQ: What Exercises Have Made the Greatest Difference in Your Singing?
Many vocal exercises can give you great benefit, the questions that you need to answer before asking this question is:[...]
Why Can’t I Sing the Right Notes When I Sing with Karaoke?
Have you ever tried singing with a karaoke track, and realized you weren't sure if you were singing the right[...]
Knowing How “Good” Your Voice is? Pointless.
Compared to what you hear on average, how good of a singer am I? What a frequent question! It's a[...]
To Sing is to Learn Yourself
Singing is an act of getting to know yourself. To make a single sound, several sets of muscles work together[...]
Do I Sound Good?
I frequently get new students who come into lessons with the impression that after they sing for me, I will[...]
Daring to Sing
Imagine the last time you had a gut-wrenching cry, or a shout of excitement. What did it feel like physically[...]
Muscle Memory Part 2: You Can Speak English but Don’t Know How
Usually within the first few minutes of hearing some speaking to me, I already have an idea of what will[...]
Do You Ever Give Up On a Student?
Nope! I never give up on a student, unless they are not willing to do the practice to progress. As[...]
Muscle Memory Part One: Your Mind and Body’s Autocorrect
Muscle Memory is the brain/body's memorization of movements. When you speak throughout the day, you are practicing (i.e training your[...]
Talent Does Not Exist, Healthy Vocal Use Does!
Some people unconsciously use their voice in a healthy way, we call these people "talented". Great as short hand, but[...]
Vocal Artistry
Since the topic today is about vocal artistry, I thought you might enjoy a fantastic work of art created by Martin[...]
If You Knew How Easy…
I am amazed at how many high school students spend years in choir class, doing vocal competitions, musicals, etc. with[...]
Attend the Voice Workshop on September 15th!
I will be teaching a voice workshop for beginners! When? September 15th @ 3:00pm Where? 2200 N. Bell Avenue, Denton,[...]
Technique in Voice Lessons
Some teachers unconsciously teach technique, personal musical taste, rhythmic and pitch accuracy, and expression all in one unorganized amorphous blob. This is[...]
Spotlight on the Student: Kelsey
Kelsey Hughen is one of my students, and she has a lovely, mellifluous voice and is a keen student. Her[...]
How To Learn A Song
When learning a song, a lot of beginners tend to jump right in, singing words with pitches and rhythms, trying[...]
Hearing Your Own Voice
Why does my voice sound different on a recording than in my own head? When you speak or sing, you[...]
Fun Practice is Effective Practice
The principles below I found when I started reading "The Radiant Performer" by Wesley Balk. When I first started practicing[...]
How a Lesson Works: Vocal Technique
A voice lesson is not a performance. It is a lab where you conduct fun experiments. The performer presents 'the[...]
1-on-1 Voice Lessons: Group Participation not Required
I remember having a conversation with my sister-in-law who is a middle school history teacher. She has thirty eighth graders[...]