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Anyone can learn to sing! Synergistic Singing, the voice studio of Chris Abdo, uses an open-source approach to voice lessons by bringing together tangible, user-friendly tools for singers in any genre or skill level to progress all the way from learning to "carry a tune" to the finishing touches that help you stand out as a professional singer.

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Why Can’t You “Just Relax” When You Sing?

I can't tell you how many times I heard something of the likes of "you're trying too hard" or "just relax" or "just let go" to singers from people who have great intentions but never stopped to think if their statements are doing the total opposite … [Read More...]

Quora-ious Question: Can a Non-Singer Become a Halfway Decent Singer?

  If you've never checked out Quora, you're missing out. It's an excellent resource website where people can ask questions and have experts in the field respond. I occasionally like to answer questions on Quora, here's a fairly recent … [Read More...]

What is Good Singing?

What is good singing? Depending on what your focus is, good singing can be very easy to define, or impossible. In this video, I'll be covering why that's the case and how it affects you as a … [Read More...]