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Anyone can learn to sing! Synergistic Singing, the voice studio of Chris Abdo, uses an open-source approach to voice lessons by bringing together tangible, user-friendly tools for singers in any genre or skill level to progress all the way from learning to "carry a tune" to the finishing touches that help you stand out as a professional singer.

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What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 4: Your Musical Skill Level

What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 4: Your Musical Skill Level Your musical skill level, and how much of it you bring to the delivery of a song, can have quite a big effect on how well your voice stands out. For this example, we're going to take a … [Read More...]


What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 3: Vocal Skill Level

Vocal Skill Level Your vocal skill level also influences how unique your voice may be, because if you learn how to create new sounds, those are then new options for you. A lot of singers rely on instinct alone to decide their sound for them, but if … [Read More...]

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Thumbtack Interview: A Case Story

Thumbtack recently interviewed me here: http://www.thumbtack.com/spotlight/voice-teacher/ and I was asked to give an example of a student that I really enjoyed teaching. Here was my answer: "I taught an engineer who had given up on singing for a … [Read More...]