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Synergistic Singing is a kind of voice lesson that combines vocal exploration, emotional expression, science-backed vocal exercises, a system for consistent practice, and a student-centered approach in an all-in-one vocal experience. The main style focus for lessons are in pop, classical, musical theater, and indie/alternative rock.

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Knowing How “Good” Your Voice is? Pointless.

Compared to what you hear on average, how good of a singer am I? What a frequent question! It's a natural leap to want to know your "level" of talent with singing. If you make around the same sounds all day, sing with the same volumes, same pitch … [Read More...]


To Sing is to Learn Yourself

Singing is an act of getting to know yourself. To make a single sound, several sets of muscles work together with the diaphragm to coordinate air to your vocal folds which then vibrate at a certain length, then your tongue, jaw, soft-palette, among … [Read More...]


Do I Sound Good?

I frequently get new students who come into lessons with the impression that after they sing for me, I will declare a grand judgment over their singing: You sound good! You sound bad! Of course, this idea is part of what makes singing in … [Read More...]