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Synergistic Singing is a kind of voice lesson that combines vocal exploration, emotional expression, science-backed vocal exercises, a system for consistent practice, and a student-centered approach in an all-in-one vocal experience. The main style focus for lessons are in pop, classical, musical theater, and indie/alternative rock.

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Why Can’t I Sing the Right Notes When I Sing with Karaoke?

Have you ever tried singing with a karaoke track, and realized you weren't sure if you were singing the right notes? Singing with karaoke requires something of singers that is unique to other musicians. All musicians have "buttons" to press of … [Read More...]


Knowing How “Good” Your Voice is? Pointless.

Compared to what you hear on average, how good of a singer am I? What a frequent question! It's a natural leap to want to know your "level" of talent with singing. If you make around the same sounds all day, sing with the same volumes, same pitch … [Read More...]


To Sing is to Learn Yourself

Singing is an act of getting to know yourself. To make a single sound, several sets of muscles work together with the diaphragm to coordinate air to your vocal folds which then vibrate at a certain length, then your tongue, jaw, soft-palette, among … [Read More...]