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Anyone can learn to sing! Synergistic Singing, the voice studio of Chris Abdo, uses an open-source approach to voice lessons by bringing together tangible, user-friendly tools for singers in any genre or skill level to progress all the way from learning to "carry a tune" to the finishing touches that help you stand out as a professional singer.

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Are You Stuck With Your Voice?

Are you stuck with your voice? Nope! :)  Most people aren't at all aware of their vocal habits, or how the shapes inside the throat influence the sound we hear on the outside. It's easy (although it takes time to make it a habit) to change the sounds … [Read More...]

Guys: Find Your Vocal Range (Pitch)

To know the right exercises to improve your singing, you have to know your voice, first. Here is one way to do that! Although there are multiple "ranges" in your voice (volume, pitch, color, vowel, etc.) pitch is an easy place to start. Here's a … [Read More...]

Ladies: Find Your Vocal Range (Pitch)

Here is a quick guide to finding your vocal range (for women) if you don't have access to a piano. You can use the Perfect Piano App for iPhone, that's what I would recommend. Check out the video … [Read More...]