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Anyone can learn to sing! Synergistic Singing, the voice studio of Chris Abdo, uses an open-source approach to voice lessons by bringing together tangible, user-friendly tools for singers in any genre or skill level to progress all the way from learning to "carry a tune" to the finishing touches that help you stand out as a professional singer.

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How to Know You’re Making Progress in Singing and Life

How do you know you're making progress as a singer or in any part of your life? You have to measure. Often people make the mistake of measuring themselves against someone else, or against a future goal. These are two self-defeating ways to measure … [Read More...]


What Makes Your Voice Unique Part 7: Artistry!

Here is where the singer moves from repeating what they've heard and unconsciously learned,  to vocal artistry, where they imagine and then sing something new. You hear a whole, complete sound, that is the result of interactions between their … [Read More...]


What Makes your Voice Unique Part 6: The Demands of the Genre

The demands of the genre you're singing in can dictate the variety of sounds you're allowed to use, this of course influences how unique you sound.  Classical singing is  a great example of a genre that sets more clear guidelines on what are and … [Read More...]