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Anyone can learn to sing! Synergistic Singing, the voice studio of Chris Abdo, uses an open-source approach to voice lessons by bringing together tangible, user-friendly tools for singers in any genre or skill level to progress all the way from learning to "carry a tune" to the finishing touches that help you stand out as a professional singer.

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The SynergisticSinging Blog Got An Award :)

MusicAuthority.org put together a nice list of blogs, some of which I have never heard of before (should be fun to check out!) and they were so kind as to include the SynergisticSinging blog on the list of "Best Blogs for New Singers"! Although … [Read More...]

Common Question: Why Can’t I Sing with Instrumentals?

What if you can sing in tune...until you try to sing with a karaoke track or instrumental track? Does that mean you can't sing in tune? Nope! It means that you haven't learned the skill of Vocal Pitch Independence.  See more at the video … [Read More...]

A Common Mistake Beginning Guy Singers Make

Unintentionally Singing an Octave Lower: A Common Mistake Beginning Guy Singers Will Make In this video we're going to be covering one of the most common mistakes beginning guy singers will make, which is singing on the wrong octave. Singing on … [Read More...]